We need to revolutionize our cultural attitudes, workplaces, and government policies to make every woman unique.

It’s time that all of us — women and men- very much will have care obligations at some point in our lives. …

The Blockchain technology that runs cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin could be used in many applications that contribute to sustainable development, from crop insurance to vaccine supply chains.

Courtesy: World Bank

In an increasingly digitalized economy and society, data transactions’ security and accountability are critical elements for creating trust and enabling breakthrough innovations in…

Recent developments in frontier technologies, including artificial intelligence, robotics and biotechnology, have shown tremendous potential for sustainable development. Yet, they also risk increasing inequalities by exacerbating and creating new digital divides between the technology haves and have-nots. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed this dichotomy.

Technology has been a critical…

AI technologies could lead to a substantial performance gap between AI front-runners (who fully absorb AI tools across their enterprises) and laggards (nonadopters or partial adopters).

AI is the defining innovation of our time and will fundamentally reshape our future. It will have massive economic implications.

PWC estimates AI could…

Medical Technology Companies are research-based medical technology firms who have made significant investments in Manufacturing, R&D and Healthcare Workers Training in India.

Medical equipment inside a surgery room

Medical technology sector is expected to recover to the pre-COVID19 level only by July-December 2021 at best, as companies continue to earn lower than projected revenue due to…


The turf and politics of “who owns what” is shifting in today’s OTC scope discussions as service providers are anxious to deliver end-to-end solutions to capitalize on their increasing investment in and development of end-to-end OTC tools and processes.

Traditionally, in what was known as…

Jayarama Emani

Jay has been a Biz Journalist since 1993 and enjoys writing on Technology. He writes on other topics like Education, Farming, Healthcare, Mental Illness, Sports

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